Ddrops Booster 2.8ml
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80 Gram
80 Gram

Suitable for infants, children, adults, pregnant women, middle-aged and older
Vitamin D is important for healthy growth and development in infancy and childhood
Vitamin D is made in the skin when exposed to summer sun (UVB) and is found in only a few foods.
Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones and normal muscle function.



  • Just one drop a day for ages 1 year to 70 years
  • Two ingredients: 600 IU of pure vitamin D3 and fractionated coconut oil
  • Tasteless
  • No chemicals, no additives artificial flavors or colors
  • Does not contain most common allergens

600 IU of purified vitamin D3. Suitable for children and adults, between the ages 1 year to 70 years of age.

  • Easy-to-use liquid drop
  • Made with only two naturally sourced ingredients, pure vitamin D3 and fractionated coconut oil.
  • Helps support immune function and the development of bones and teeth.
  • Recommended intake in just one tasteless drop.
  • Free from preservatives, additives, artificial flavors, colours and common allergens.