Cocopot Round Bento Box - Light Blue
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307 Gram
307 Gram

Each Cocopot is the ideal meal portion size and can keep combinations warm for up to 3 hours! The round dutch-oven style Cocopot can keep soup + rice, or rice + side dish separate, too! They come in gorgeous pastel hues and are 100% Made in Japan from high quality and absolutely safe materials.

These Cocopots are microwave safe (lid off) and absolutely BPA free. Kids and adults alike just love packing home made food to school and work in our new bento box range!


Main Bento - 300 ml

Inner Container - 230 ml


144 mm x 123 mm x 86 mm

Care Instructions :

- Do not put in steam oven, oven or toaster oven

- The cover may not seal properly if you put too much food / liquid into it so always keep it in an upright position

- Do not damage or remove the sealing ring as this can cause spillage

- Do not brush or clean with abrasive or rough surfaces to keep the boxes in tip top condition

When Used in the Microwave Oven:

- Remove the cover lid and inner lid

- Do not microwave an empty bento box

- Avoid heating foods with a high sugar or oil content