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Krim lembut yang meringankan rasa sakit, gatal dan pembengkakan akibat digigit serangga, nyamuk, kutu, dan sengatan lain.

Juga bersifat menenangkan dan melembabkan kulit.


AfterBite® Kids is a non-stinging cream that provides soothing relief from the pain, itching and swelling of insect bites and stings. AfterBite® Kids contains Tea Tree Oil so it provides the added advantage of helping to prevent infection, while Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturize the skin. Non-stinging relief for your child, fast relief for you! 


  • Bites from Black Flies
  • Bites from Chiggers
  • Bites from Fleas
  • Bites from Horse Flies
  • Bites from Mosquitoes
  • Bites from Ticks
  • Other Bites

Active Ingredients: contains: Eucalyptus Oil (1. 3%)

Inactive Ingredients: Aloe Vera, DEA-Oleth-3 Phosphate, DEA Oleth-10 Phosphate, Dimethicone, Emulsifying Wax, Purified Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tea Tree Oil, and Vitamin E Acetate.

Apply directly on bite or sting and rub gently.  If itching persists re-apply as necessary.  For bee stings, remove stinger before treatment.  Adults and children 2 years or older, apply to affected area.  For children under 2 years, consult a doctor.